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Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:55 am
by Kelindale
Ok, so we all know MMO's are a consistently disapointing thing. I loved EQ for its social aspect and grouping, I loved WoW for its Soloable content, I loved DAoC for its RvR, and I loved Tera for its Combat system which is way better than Neverinter Onlines System. Its like if you took the combat in DDO and gave it a syringe of Crack Cocaine, Meth, and Speed.

So what am I getting at? Well when the hell are they going to combine Aspects of these games, along with Destructable environments and a kick ass story? If they could Combine the Social, RvR, Solo, Grouping, kick ass combat system, a progressive quest system that is group friendly, and an awesome story I think we would all be hooked.

On a side note, if they remade Origional EQ with the GW2 quest system that would be sweet. A personal Race/Class quest just for your character and then for the rest public quests. I think a system like that with and equal dose of Solo and group content right from the get go would be fantastic.....anyways rants over sorry guys.

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