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Conquereor's Blade: An MMORPG Total War style game

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:25 am
by Eratimus
So, I have been trying it out the last couple days. While it is now in Open Beta, it is already pretty epic.

1. Its an MMORPG style version of Total War.
2. On the battlefield whether doing field or siege war, you are a single General out of 15 other allies vs 15 other generals. Each of you commands a rank of troops, whether they are archers, swordsman, pikemen etc
3. Your troops can be trained and ranked up to become better versions of themselves in a skill tree system.
4. You as well are an independent part of your own Rank. While you have your archers stationary taking out an approaching another group, you can sneak around and try to take out their general, thus causing the troop rank to route.
5. You have the same set up like Total War where you can, along with your other generals can attack with siege equipment, or defend the walls.
6. But, its not all about singing. There is an open world where you can gather resources, craft better gear, explore the vast open world, etc.
7. You can also form guilds/houses who themselves can coordinate and do larger Expedition campaigns for the open world, they can own towns where you can do all your crafting, planning, set tariffs for other players to visit or trade. Its pretty epic.

Its like a Total War MMORPG on steroids

It would be cool to have the Fist there. You can also form alliances. I am not sure how the "house" control and operations of cities work yet, but I do see houses having control of towns in the open world that you can visit and make use of.

You can check it out here: ... 2_0&_1lp=1

Re: Conquereor's Blade: An MMORPG Total War style game

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:58 pm
by Eratimus
Man, I have been playing it for the last 4 days and it is pretty addictive. Battles are 15v15 where you control your own unit of troops. But, if we group together up to 6, we can do group 6v6. Houses can compete to own towns, which are enterable, accessible etc. Would love to see a Fist chapter there.

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