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Additions and explanations

Post by Sharylin » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:19 am

Additional Rules going in especially since we are growing more each week. It’s time to crack down and follow old ones and new ones.

If we want to talk OOC please use discord or whispers. Try to leave Guild chat for the RP as much as possible. We do care about you and what’s going on. Just the over use of OOC is getting out of hand at this point. We won’t be setting up any sort of private channels for the OOC. In the past it was used all the time and left guild chat dead. We don’t want any repeats of that.

We are an RP family, an RP guild with many age differences. Some even have little ones growing up watching and reading what is being typed in the game. The cussing has been getting out of control in Discord and in the game. It needs to be monitored. We all get upset and do slip at times. But if you need to do major cussing try to keep it in the Brotherhood discord. That’s what its there for. Also, on the same note please do watch what you say in public channels. It’s frowned upon in game and does reflect badly on our guild tags if that’s all anyone really sees. We’d hate to have our family get silenced or banned for their public language.

After much debating amongst the officers we’ve decided the open mics will be stopped. It makes it difficult, distracting, and at times disrespectful when we hear everything going on in the household and what you are doing at your computers. With the open mics it also forces us to sometimes get echoes of what someone is saying. The only exceptions will be when the officers are running some of the in game events and need to give out instructions on the fly.

On the same note. Please try to be respectful of others in the discord channels. We don’t need to hear every thought that runs through your heads. Having some quiet downtime while we are also running things solo or as a guild isn’t always a bad thing. If you feel the need to talk excessively move to another room with said person or persons. We do enjoy talking to each other but when you are talking a lot it makes it harder on others if they want to say something without having to scream over top of another. And it can also make running groups very difficult.

Cut the use of peoples Real Life names, nicknames, or even pet names. Try to use their character names or discord names. We also need people to log in and change their names to match their mains from the game as well.

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