April 8th, 2018 Meeting

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April 8th, 2018 Meeting

Post by Sharylin » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:16 am

Here are the broad range notes from the meeting.

We are going through some troubling times at this moment and Bane thanked everyone for their support and patience. After this stuff settles we are going to run a server event like we did for City of Heroes, Trick or Treat WoW style.

Added some new rules, explained or expanded on some old ones.

Events in the game aren’t mandatory. But please do sign up for what you can when you can. Saulo, Macullen, and Sharylin will be working together to expand on the events each week so we can run through old content to current as a guild with more RP events as well.

We are going to be opening “For the Alliance” to friends or allies. And hopefully have another successful run of it.

RP events will be “Tavern Crawls”. Moving to different cities in different taverns to spice things up and work on building our reputations with the RP community.

During some of our events we do need everyone in Discord if only to listen. We don’t want our members to miss out on anything.

Imperium, Sandara’s guild not Mortis’, offers their support. They suggested we merge under their tag or became an “auxillary” under their laws and rules. Banegrivm knew our responses but said he’d mention it. We all agreed their smaller so no we won’t go under their tag. And a big no to become their lackey’s.

Don’t just grab bags we have plenty of other consumables in the bank as well. Use them while they are current content so they don’t become waste later on.

Banegrivm was asked what it took to become an officer so he explained that in some detail.

We need to be a little more proactive with the lower level members and alts. Just asking if they need assistance isn’t enough. Some can be shy about asking for help. Invite them and act as shields if nothing else.

We need to watch the boards, discord and the in game calendar careful for important information and so everyone can see what is getting planned. We missed a number of members at the meeting.

We need everyone to work on the classy achievement. We also need everyone to help supply some of the mats, cloth leather etc. Officers shouldn’t be the only ones supplying needed stuff for our bank.

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