In Game Guild Meeting *EVENT* 4/8

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In Game Guild Meeting *EVENT* 4/8

Post by Banegrivm » Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:47 pm

7PM Server Time (8pm est) - Meeting in the War Room in Stormwind Keep

Guild Chat and Communication (Saying Hello, Goodbye, RPing, Communication, etc.)

Use of OOC in Guild Chat

Please be social with people not in the guild. Very important, I don't want anyone to ever feel ignored. It's important that we show as much attention towards others as we do for each other. Also help people if you can. This is also important and a big part of the Fist. I don't want anyone to ever feel like an outsider if they aren't apart of the guild and spending time with us.

Oath for people that join? Like a code that all have to recite upon joining.

Discord - Please use it for big events such as raiding even if you don't have a mic so you can at least listen

RP Events Bi Weekly at a Set Time

Trick or Treat for CoV style event - 1,000,000 gold giveaway cash pot, where we have people RP and there is a horror styled "who done it event" where players have to talk to NPC's (played by players in a special event guild) and get clues from each NPC where they tell a bit about the story. Once at the end the players have to piece all the clues together to figure out who the villain/bad guy is.

Last but not least, there will be an open forum for anyone who has anything that they would like to discuss.
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