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Post by Banegrivm » Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:28 pm

Brothers and sisters of the Alliance! As we members of the 1st Fist of Light have made a foray into Horde territory and battled the devils on their own lands, taking the fight to them; we have decided to gather our allies and return once more into the fray against the Horde. While we did return victorious, the fight is not yet won. With battle now erupting between the Horde and the Alliance over Azerite on the Seething Shore, we would like to call upon all the allies of the Grand Alliance that might be willing to lend sword or spell for the majesty of the Alliance. Countrymen, let us rally, and charge upon the Horde and it's commanders, that they might know our unified strength... FOR THE ALLIANCE!

OOC - For those interested we'll be doing the FOR THE ALLIANCE! achievement that gives a mount. If you wish to come please send a tell to Banegrivm in game so I can set you up with a calendar invite. The event will take place Saturday March 31st, at 7pm server time (8pm est). We're looking for all roles at this time except tanks. The only thing we require is for you to be 110 and to obviously stay in character. We already have tanks prepared but need healers and DPS. We'll be meeting at Light Hope's Chapel and starting from there. I'll go over everything once everyone is together and explaining how we'll be doing everything. Ending up with multiple raids is fine so guild leaders please do not worry about space. I've plenty of experience leading large groups and I really want more than anything for everyone to have fun above all else.
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