Supernatural Fair the 17th *EVENT*

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Supernatural Fair the 17th *EVENT*

Post by Banegrivm » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:37 pm

Event Posted by Mirrielyanna

Please contact her in game if you're interested in helping or being apart of it.

Original Announcement: ... 422?page=1

Fortunes forecast! Lucky charms! Get the dope with your horoscope!

Come one, come all to an occult faire!

Where: Ravenhill
When: March 17, 8:00 PM Moonguard time

What: Fortune tellers will cast a light on your future and help you with those questions you have doubts on. See their magical gifts astound as they peer into your future. Occult charms and enchantments for sale. Enjoy a magical night that dances in the moonlight with the spirit world.

Runaway Theater Troupe to provide entertainment.
Greyshields to provide security.

Please everyone come out and enjoy a special night of fun and entertainment. If you are a character with mystical skills and would like to be a purveyor of the future for our guests, please contact Mirrielyanna in game or via in game mail. Also taking more merchants with an interest in selling occult wares.
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