For Varian! For Stormwind! FOR THE ALLIANCE!

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For Varian! For Stormwind! FOR THE ALLIANCE!

Post by Banegrivm » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:14 pm

An RP Recount of the FOR THE ALLIANCE! Achievement Event that took place on 2/25/2018

The soldiers of the 1st Fist of Light, clad in their red and gold armors, bearing the mark of the crusader cross stood in a line, waiting to receive their orders from Lord Banegrivm who stood poised with a fiery sword in his gauntlet covered grasp. The light from the sun beamed brilliantly across his armor. Brilliant red hues reflecting off the surface. As he stood before the assembled soldiers he began to speak. "Today is a day that will long be remembered throughout the history of the 1st Fist of Light. Today we bring retribution to the Horde for their betrayal at the Broken Shore. We will have justice for Varian! Long have the Horde brought grief and bloodshed upon our shores, our nations, and our people, but this day we shall bring them to their heels and they shall know defeat by our hands. Soldiers of the 1st Fist of Light, we ride!"

Their was the sound of flapping and various bestial cries and whinnies as the soldiers mounted their various mounts and took to the air. With haste they followed their leader into the Ghostlands and conintued their way on the ground traveling through the wilderness towards Silvermoon to conceal their movements. The alarm sounded immediately as bells rang throughout the city. Banegrivm lead the charge, as he and his fellows cut down the guards quickly and made their way to Lor'themar's chambers and the battle was joined. Before his advisors could utter a word they were put to the sword and Lor'themar himself stood alone and cornered. But then as the battle continued members of the horde arrived and were put down. Lor'themar tried to repel the invaders but to no avail and lay defeated.

The mage Desloch spoke in an arcane tongue and with the flick of his wrist a tear opened in the fabric of reality and the Dalaran Crater showed through. The soldiers mounted their flying mounts once more and rode them through, leaving Silvermoon behind. The battle would carry on, as the 1st Fist of Light made it's way to the sewer entrance of the Undercity and proceeded within. There they flew across the ceiling and swooped down, battling guard, after guard, until they finally came face to face with the Banshee Queen herself. She fought, she tried to escape, but it was for naught, as she joined Lor'themar and fell defeated. Her spirit crying out, the stench of brimstone filling the air, and she we was gone... but for how long. Again Desloch uttered an incantation and this time the isle of Theramore came into view and the crusaders stepped through, vanishing without a trace.

They would next come face to face with Baine Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff, leader of the Tauren. The combat was fierce, as Baine continued to be blessed by the holy light as the battle continued in his tent. It was not until he was lured from his tent and drawn to the middle of the platform that he was brought low by the crusaders and defeated. There was one final battle to be had against the Horde, and this would prove the most difficult challenge yet. The Horde capital city of Ogrimmar. Banegrivm nodded at Desloch and once more a portal opened to Theramore and the crusaders made their way to Ogrimmar.

Once there on their flying steeds and beasts they gathered for the charge. The war horn sounded and the charge was made. Before Saurfang could react he was swarmed. He fought valiantly and the crusaders of the 1st Fist of Light continued to press him. Then the Horde arrived changing the tide of the battle. The soldiers were overwhelmed, between the members of the Horde and the might of Saurfang, and retreated to the town of Ratchet to recoup their losses, and come up with a new plan; for they would not be denied.

They waited one half hours. A new plan was enacted and when the half hour passed the battle commenced once more. Again Saurfang fought with the strength of a thousand angry dragons. Then the Horde counter attack began, and then the plan was enacted. "Turn upon the Horde, slay them all down to the last man!" Banegrivm shouted as he stood face to face taking blow after blow from Saurfang upon his shield. In unison the members of the 1st Fist of Light turned and began to dismantle the Horde charging from the building. There was a flash of steel and the sound of combat as battle with the Horde commenced. Only Banegrivm and the shaman Sharylin remained locked in combat with Saurfang.

Banegrivm called upon the Holy Light to protect him and keep him save as Sharylin mended his wounds with the aid of her elemental spirits, while outside Horde bodies were now littering the streets. One by one the crusaders returned until Saurfang lay still on the floors of the throne room, the light in his eyes fading as he went unconscious in the throes of defeat. Members of the Horde unwilling to relent charged in but were defeated one by the onslaught of the 1st Fist of Light. There was a stillness that hung in the air but for how long? "Desloch get us out of here!" Banegrivm shouted. Their was an arc of magical energy that split the air and a portal opened once more, showing the spires and streets of Stormwind on the other side.

"Everyone out now!" Banegrivm shouted. The Horde gathered their numbers and stormed the building where Saurfang lay defeated but they were too late. They watched as the last of the crusaders stepped through the portal and it sealed shut behind them. The Horde had been defeated. A victory parade was then held by the 1st Fist of Light as they loaded up on armored wear bears and traveled to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. It was a glorious day, for their friend Varian was avenged, and a great victory was won... FOR THE ALLIANCE!
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