Curse of Shadows Blight

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Curse of Shadows Blight

Post by Banegrivm » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:09 pm

It was that time of year when the leaves upon the trees had turned to reds and orange hues. There was talk of witchery afoot as strange lights had been seen from the forests at night, accompanied by an eerie moaning upon the winds; along with other strange happenings that came to pass before dawns first light. Hushed whispers were ever slowly turning to hysteria amidst the villages outside of Lordaeron, as the people feared the worst. The dark and twisted will of Sargeras had come to devour their very souls.

Young Banegrivm stepped from the door of his family villa, with a bouquet of fresh flowers in hand. He left Brill behind him and walked the path through Tirisfal towards his beloveds abode, lost to thoughts of Aurella and the times that they had shared together. He had been torn between his father’s love who had wished him to become a knight of the holy light as he and his forefathers had been, and that of his one true love that he cherished more than life itself.

As he crested the hill before Aurella’s cottage, he drew the flowers close to take in their sweet scent… only to cough and gag on their now embittered stench. He stood aghast as they fell from his grasp, withered and decaying before his very eyes. There was a strange play of shadows that clung upon his beloveds abode, accompanied by an eerie chanting that seemed as if to haunt the very wind itself.

Banegrivm swallowed hard and gathered his courage. He drew his father’s sword from its sheath and forced his way inside, fearing the worst. There he and his beloved stood in their own naked truths for the very first time. For there she stood before a twisted altar of some misshapen agent of the Burning Legion, with a blackened bone charm in her knuckle white grasp. An unnerving silence followed in the moments that followed as nary a word passed between the two lovers. It was then that he knew the horror of the thing that he must do, as fate had played its cruel hand.

“In the name of the church, I place you under arrest for…” he spoke to her sternly and with a cold steely edge in his voice, his jaw stiffening to the words; but was abruptly silenced by her outburst of tears as his heart sank deep within his chest. Lost to the disparity of it all Banegrivm slumped into the doorway crying out, “by the light… why….” The shadow of mourning had fallen, as a bitter fate had now sped its way to its end.

It was the passing of one moon till next the lovers would set their eyes and hearts upon one another. She tied to a stake at the center of Brill's town square to be set ablaze for her crimes, and he in the back of an angry mob in the robes of a squire. It was in that dark and lonely night in the shadows of Azeroth that a paladin was born. He would love her always; and as he walked away tormented by her dying screams, he swore that he would forever fight the evils that took her from him.
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