Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by Chashak » Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:57 pm

Banegrivm wrote: Definitely not a problem. By the way, nice sig ;)
Thank you. Anyway, I was planning on rerolling one of my toons in CoH onto the Freedom server so I could join (currently on Champion Server). Who would I have to talk to about that?

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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by Mannwin » Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:29 pm

Well now its time for me to post. I am Mannwin Manowar long time member of the Fist. I joined the Fist during the first month of its existance and have been givine Bane crap ever since. I have always been know as Mannwin it was actually a game generated name given to me from EQ. I havnt follwed around to all the differant adventures the Fist has taken on due to money constraints. I had a msfortune accidant back in 1998 that left me permanantly disabled so money has always been an issue (specially with 6 kids) I played EQ with the fist from the start untill the switchover to Camelot. After that switch i stayed back to gaurd the lands of Cammy and uphold the legand of the Fist takng over that branch of the guild as GM for those who stayed and those who future joined. Altho i have not followed the Fist in Game i have always remained an officer and followed the Fist in the boards and in my heart. Like we always say "Once a Fist, Always a Fist"

and as for any memories or stories we can share theres 1 that always comes to mind that the elders of the Fist will never forget......


Mannwin Manowar
May the light of the Fist always shine on thy path
Mannwin Manowar
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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by thegibbet » Fri Apr 03, 2009 2:41 pm

Hi everyone. I havent been very active in the past few years, so some probably dont know me.

Alittle about me... I started gaming way back in the early 80's, playing Island of Kesmai on CI$, from there I moved on to beta UO then played the release until the alpha of EQ. I played uo, eq, mpbt, daoc, airwarrior, horizons, swg, eve, wow, coh, aoc, vanguard, potbs, war and just about every other game that has ever come out.

I got involved with the fist back in the nwn days, where I helped out on the server/world. Those were fun times, getting the chance to be creative.

When I'm not working on code for my iok emu, I can be found lurking around wow or l4d or tinkering on side projects like swgemu or mangos or dol to keep my programing skills up. I mainly write AI now days as I find it oddly rewarding.

Outside of gaming, I enjoy going to vegas and on cruises. I also travel to europe quite a bit. Other than that, I relax at home in Oregon.


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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by Bpysh » Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:13 am

Hey everyone I'm new to the Fist. I'll be joining the Champions online chapter.

Anyways a little about me. I'll be 25 in dec, i'm in the military, I love reading, video games, tv, and hanging out with my friends. I've played more MMOs than I care to mention and have beta tested several. Other than that there's not much to tell.

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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by Bpysh » Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:54 pm

I'm a 2nd LT in the army reserve

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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by Bpysh » Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:29 am

Its definately more work balancing military and civilian life.

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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by Kole » Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:38 am

Newer to the family, I was an orphan adopted in by Bane when we were playing WAR. Aedes and Vjorn were the main characters any of you folks would remember. I was sad to hear most of the Fist leaving WAR, but I could understand. I just wanted to pop on and say hi, and that I'm looking forward to Champions and ToR in the forseeable future.

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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by Mortuorum » Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:15 pm

Hi All,

I'm Mark, but you remember me as Impact in CoH and Necrotique in CoV. I haven't been active in the last couple of years, since I've been dedicating most of my time to work and being dad.

I've pre-ordered Champions Online and the lifetime membership, so I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of me in Millennium City. As soon as I have a hero or two I'm happy with, I'll post an intro on the CO boards!

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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by Sumadar » Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:14 am

About me, well my name is Don, I am a Staff Sergeant in the Army currently in Afghanistan. (under 3 months to go!!!) I have been playing pen and paper games off and on since 90ish, starting with Battletech, Marvel Heroes (still one of my favorite campaigns), 2nd Ed AD&D and then whatever the group I was with wanted to try. Btw if you haven’t played "Kobolds ate my baby!!" you’re missing out.

I got the name Sumadar by tweaking a randomly generated name in EQ, I have always been horrible at coming up with names for my characters, so I tend to reuse a lot.

I first noticed the Fist when I was playing EQ, I had played for a couple of months and was starting to wonder what the point was, seemed like all I was doing was killing one thing so I could get strong enough to kill the next thing, with no real reason to kill anything to begin with. Then I was looking at some EQ news / info site, Everlore I think, and there was a post on the front page, I don’t remember exactly what it was about (I'm old and it was a long time ago) I do remember it was a in character call to arms by Bane to fight some sort of evil or another. After reading it, I went to the Fist site, posted a character story and got tagged.

The best part of being in the Fist for me, was that it helped me to get more into the game world, to try and learn the lore and figure out the secrets that are hinted at.

I have lurked these boards ever since EQ, I have not posted often over the years, (I think I have more fingers than posts sense 2000) anti social by nature, but am planning on trying to post more often. Time will tell.

Over the years, I have played EQ, COX, WOW, Tabula Rosa and a few other games I am sure I am missing. I have tended to play games and on servers that have people that I know IRL on them, and other than EQ this has never been the same game/server that the Fist has played on.

That being said I recently started a human Paladin (Sumadar, again not good with new names) on Farstryder and am hoping to get tagged, and see how everyone is doing.
Soldier of the Light

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Re: Introductions! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Post by viczus » Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:57 pm

Ok, lets see...
Props to the people who mentioned some of the unmentionables... I have been reading every post in this thread and names like 82s Joust and 84s BattleTech are the like that people tend not to talk about... where would we be if it would not be for the old palette Pong, Tank (Combat) and Asteroids; And along those lines props to those who mentioned the mentionable... so many games I played and nostalgia keeps getting me to replay ever so often. Games like DnD, AD&D, DnD 3+, the Baldurs Gate saga, NWN, Oblivion, everything Star Wars, Guild Wars, EvE Online and most of all SWG (Gosh that game was horrible at the beginning, but every time I am working and listening to the SW soundtrack I get nostalgic and one way or another end up playing it again).

Once a Fist... Always a Fist!... entirely true in my case. A BIG HELLO to everyone... I am finally back after 5 years. A couple of days ago I sent a message to Bane, and while the welcoming reply did not surprise me of him, the fact that he remembered me did. Why did I go away (or came back) is to long of a story to sum up, but thankfully I am back. I have really missed you guys and gals. Later on I will fill you in.

A little about me:
My RL name is Giovanni, no, not Italian, I was born in Panama, Central America (Italian was my grandpa), and ever since I have lived in 7 countries including the U.S. on and off. Even though I believe this time is for good... got a wife, dog and a house since you last heard of me, heh.

I am 34, and all started in the mid 80s in Panama when I was introduced (by my 3 years older brother and his gang) to PnP-RPGs: AD&D, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Champions, Ghost Busters, Robotech, among other titles.... back then, affordability and availability was tough since we were in a third world country. But we made the best of everything we could get our hands on, and nothing beats the improv and made up rules every time we did not understand something in english from the Core Rule Books (looking back at it, we probably would have been kicked out of so many tables, lol). I eventually switched to consoles... still one of my greatest memories growing up was the on-screen-booting-up chime of the PS on the 95s Christmas morning after a long while of trying to figure out how to put it together in a TV without RCA input, and then the almost surround sound like (at least to my crazy imagination) of a similar chime on a Christmas morning 5 years later, when we finally got our first PS2.

Ever since I have played many different consoles, including older stuff like the Atari and Nintendos. But I can not say the same about PC games... First I will say I have beta tested, and played pretty much every single Blizzard Game... the reason been that I'm an AppleGeek. And blizzard is one of the few serious developers porting to MACs from the beginning. Lately, due to a disease clinically called: personal priorities disorder (patent pending), I have been away from the computer based games and instead played on my Xbox 360 for the most part. Also one way or another I have managed to play every Mech game I know of (table-top, PNPRPG, Console or computer), and everything in the Halo franchise. Now, do not get me wrong, my very first 3-D first person shooter was Laser Tag :) (doesn't get much more 3-D than that).

Over the years I have become an avid Collectors Edition (insert random item here) and Collectors Figures... yep, you figured it out: Collector. I also make a life of being an old school Graphic Designer (only press stuff), and come from a family of photographers so it is only natural that my first computer ever was an Apple, and the brand has not changed ever since. When I came to the U.S. for my Masters Degree I was introduced to EQ (and the majestic physics of the game where walls were just a figment of your imagination), and every time I had a chance to steadily get my hands on a PC I would play something, so ever since I have roamed the lands of PlaneSside, SWG, the Battlefield franchise, CoH, WoW and some others previously mentioned. And ever since I had the chance to beta test the magic of "BootCamp" three years ago I have been able to run PC stuff (viruses and all) in my Mac, so no more excuses :)

I tend to run first under the name of Viczus in most games unless the name really, really, really does not fit the genre of the game. From there on, I get very creative. I do not suffer from Severe-Alternitis, instead I tend to only alt-ing out of curiosity or need to help others. Speaking of helping others, I tend to be in most instances a healer of some sort. In my life I have rolled so many characters: hunters, rogues, thieves, paladins, druids, scientists, pilots, Private investigators and all sort of mages possible but in all truth while I enjoy many classes and RPing some messy as well as messed-up characters, I somehow always return to be some sort of a supporting char (mostly healer).

Things I regret: None
Ok, ok, maybe I regret never had a chance to give EQ2, DNDOnline, Lineage and WAR among others a try. While some were good, other completely sunk, but I for one, do not learn from people telling me so, I like to sink or float on my own :(

Favorite quote:
I was born perfect... and improved a lot ever since
by - My Dad
Sounds better in spanish ;) and is all in the genes, so beware...

Life with the Fist:
Short answer - short lived, I was active part of the Fist for almost 8 months.
Longer answer - When I first joined the Fist, I was living in Savannah Georgia and it was strictly in the forums (had never played with anyone, or even heard of the guild in any of my games) looking for a serious guild to go into WOW with. Not too much of a surprise to now know that it was the one thing I did not get to do (but it looks like I might be correcting that soon enough). Even so, I somehow managed to open-beta-it and play on and off for about 3.5 years (going back with every big release after RL one way or another steered me away from the game) before all hell finally broke lose in my personal life. Still in the months I spent lurking the site and growing from the guy who would not type or say a thing ashamed of how bad my english was to the guy who: ...just, wouldn't shut up... playing CoH with the Fist while waiting for WoW, I made good friends and always felt welcomed as I do once again, and either here or abroad was always following the news that Bane would broadcast via email every now and then. I even stayed active in the forums for a little bit after I said good-bye by the end of 04, but eventually faded out completely. Now I am residing in Georgia again but in Atlanta this time, still battling my horrible grammar and ever-denied thick accent (once you hear me in vent you will know what I am talking about, heh) and looking forward to see how many of you remember good old Viczus (as I told Bane, you wont hurt my feelings, 5 years can prove long for people memory). I Just re-joined today, and have re-read the charter and this thread and it is nice to be able to recognize so many names, while also seeing newer ones.

As far truly memorable Fist times go:
Several come to mind, but obviously in my short spam, none other than taking active part of the First Fist Trick and Trick Event would take the first place.

I'm happy for all of you who managed to reel into the gaming world your significant others... that will never happen to me... I love my wife, and part of the reason is because of how different we are... She is fine with me playing, only as long as I do not even insinuate an invite to join us. :) Unavoidably you will either hear her or Haley (our puppy Mini Schnauzer) in vent since they are always around when I am playing. Anyway, is going to be hard to get back in track (so much to read; so little time)... and while money for the first time is not necessarily my one constrain, now I have other adult responsibilities and very little time to spare... but fear not, I think I have found the way to reorganize my life to include one or two hobbies.

So you will be hearing from me. See you all soon.

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