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Rules of the 1st Fist of Light

These rules apply to both chats in game with the Fist and in the Discord channels.

1. The Golden Rule - Be respectful! Above and beyond all else please make an effort to be respectful towards each other. In a perfect world everyone would get along with each other but we understand personality conflicts happen. If you ever find yourself upset by another guild member because they were not respectful to you or did something you feel that they should not have, please find an officer or myself immediately so we can get involved and fix the situation, to make it right, and make things better for everyone.

2. No discussion of politics, religion, or sex. This goes back to rule 1. Not everyone appreciates it and on occassion we have had people under 18 in the guild and I do not want us to become a bad influence on anyone.

3. No cussing/swearing. Again, the reason is this goes back to rule number 1. Also, a consideration again for those under the age of 18 as well.

4. Guild chat is RP all the time. Often in the past we've seen people lean in on OOC too much, and sometimes things that get said in OOC.

5. It's a family! If you need help, we help you, don't be afraid to ask for help. If we find out you need help and don't ask, expect to hear from us asking if we could help you! This all goes for OOC too. If you don't feel comfortable sharing or don't want to share anything IRL that's fine. No one will try to force you and we will totally and completely respect that. We do however help each other IRL when we've found someone who needed help and we do really care about each other very much. These bonds are what's kept us together for such a long time over the years as we've put them first before all else in the games we've played.

6. Have fun! We have regular events. They are posted on in the War Room forum and posted to the calendar in game as well.

7. Everyone starts out at the rank of private in game. If you post a hello or RP story on in the War Room forum, you will get promoted to Soldier and can access the bank. This is encouraged because the guild website at times oft becomes important for one reason or another and we really do not want it to be forgotten about. Also as a note, the rank structure is for functionality ONLY. We do not have an actual rank system outside of that because we want everything always to be a "round table atmosphere" where everyone sits as equals. That goes back to the fact in that we want the guild to be a close knit family where we love and take care of one another.

8. When you sign up on the Fist site the registration is broken so it will NOT send you the confirmation email. Just let me know you signed up and I'll activate the account manually.

9. Please join us in Discord. It isn't mandatory for you to use it, but for raids and other large scale events it will be to make sure that the event stays fun for everyone. The Discord server link can be found in the guild info in game.
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